2015 Summer AList



Do Items In Your Home ‘Speak’ To You?

You’ve probably told yourself at one point or another (or several), “that speaks to me,” right? It could be a dress, a … [Read More...]


Color Is Always On My Mind; 2015 Spins Classics

One thing that’s almost always on my mind is color and the planning of a color palette for a space. The inspiration can … [Read More...]

AK Design & Accents

Thoughtful Design that Reflects YOU: We believe home should be where you feel delight and happiness, echoing the spirit and passions of the people who reside there. Armina Kasprowicz and the AK Design & Accents team create interiors that reflect you and accommodate your lifestyle, creating an environment in which you feel most comfortable.  Read more about Armina and view her portfolio.

Decisions Made Simple “Armina’s style is impeccable. She presents a variety of options so that you can make the right decision … easily and confidently. Our house now reflects our family's personality and has become a 'home'." — Susan, Rochester Hills [More...]
Easy to Blend Styles "Armina is bringing our dream home to life. She knows how to blend my husband’s traditional taste with my contemporary preferences. We look forward to continuing to work with her until our house is complete." — Kristen and Kurt, Clinton Township [More...]